Monday, May 12, 2014

Surviving a Crochet House Guest

Surviving a Crochet House Guest

My word, that cute little whale was here all weekend can you believe it!?
I thought his mom was never going to get here. And then it was his dad that showed up.

Well I told you his dad was coming.
You said the bull was coming.

That's what you call a whale's daddy! Didn't you know that?
Of course not, I'm not a whale. I thought you were referring to the tall tales that little guy was spinning.

I say, you never listen to me.
If I never listened to you then I wouldn't know that you like sitting under this tree because it smells like fruit.

Aww, aren't you sweet. Heck, I can't stay mad at you. Come on, let's go clean up that little baby's mess and watch a movie. 
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