Saturday, May 31, 2014

Slip Stitch Crochet Connection

Slip Stitch Crochet Connection 

A slip stitch can be a great way to stitch two squares together. As you can see in the above picture, it ends up looking very pretty - kind of quilt-like.

Ok, before I get started I know you're all saying - "Where can I get that awesome square pattern??" Well, it's called a "Crop Circles Square" and you can find the pattern HERE.

ps. Crochetville is a pretty fun website if you haven't been there before.

Ok, so here we go. To slip stitch (the fun way!) two squares together, first grab your two squares and line them up, face up, side-by-side. Like so:

Next, grab your first corner and insert your hook in the front loop (that's the loop that's facing you), and pull up a loop.

This will be your first slip stitch. And here's where we make it interesting. You need to take your hook out of the loop (I know, crazy) and insert your hook in the front loop of the other sqaure's corner and then pull the loop through.

How's it going? Did you get the loop pulled through? It only feels weird for the first 3 or so times and then you get really fast at it. Just hold on to the loop with your fingers while you're moving your hook because it is really really annoying when you pull your loop by accident and need to re-do a few stitches.

Next step is to repeat again. So you insert your hook in the front loop of the next stitch on your first square and pull a loop through all loops on the hook.

Next, remove your hook and insert your hook in the front loop on the next stitch of your second square.
(see above)
Pull your loop through.

Next, insert your hook in the front loop in the next stitch of your first square and pull through all loops on your hook.

You get the idea right? Hopefully, if not I'll have to start making videos and no one wants that.

Here's a picture of the back since I know you're all wondering if it looks nice. I think it does, but you let me know. Alternatively, you can also work the slip stitch connection on the backside so they match.

If you like the idea, share pictures of your projects on my Facebook page or @cbkarin on Twitter. I'd love to see what you come up with.

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