Thursday, May 22, 2014

Follow the Crochet Leader

Follow the Crochet Leader

I'm sorry.
Come on, slow down. Don't worry!

I swear, I told everyone to wait for us.
There's no reason to cuss!

Bud, I can't keep up.
If you don't stop, I swear I'm going to drop.

The party won't start till we get there.
It's your birthday after all! It wouldn't be fair.

The balloons will be inflated and everyone will yell surprise,
No one will start having fun until they hear your happy cries. 

Trust me please! This is all part of the plan.
Soon you'll say sorry for acting all Tarzan.

I got you a cool present! And a funny cake.
It's got blue frosting and it looks like a snake.

Ok, we're almost there. Try to act surprised.
Hopefully when you go in, they won't notice you've been aprised.

So jump back when they yell and look really happy
Or I'll get in trouble for telling and then they'll think I'm crappy.

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