Friday, May 2, 2014

Don't Rest Where You Crochet

Don't Rest Where You Crochet

What are you guys doing?
We're resting.

I didn't know you guys got tired.
Not resting resting. Gil gathered too much pollen and now he's too heavy to fly. Also, he at too much and has a stomach ache. So we're just hanging out till he feels better.

Sorry Gil. Why don't you just leave some pollen behind and come back for it later?
You'd like that wouldn't you.

What do you mean?
I mean you're going to steal our pollen as soon as we fly off and Gil will be too weak to come and fight you off!

Wow, you guys have been eating too much honey. You're down right waxy.
----At this point, Gil did attempt to leap, but landed on his face and struggled for several seconds until he could right himself again----

I'm gonna go. You guys have fun.
That's right! No pollen for you here!

Sheesh, some bees have no buzzinus socializing with other people. 
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