Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crochet Summer Breeze

Crochet Summer Breeze

A wind is coming from the west,
And with it blows the bees of success.

The bees will buzz and swirl,
Their families will circle and whirl.

A happy baby bee will see a sweet flower and fly down low,
And catch a few drops of nectar before it must go.

But all bees are made to share,
And a baby bee doesn't dare.

A big brother or sister can be very selfish,
And a baby bee will get much less food than it'll wish.

So baby bee must eat quickly every drop,
Before someone makes him stop.

This may seem selfish still,
But baby bees are spoiled and will eat there fill.

So beware the baby bee,
They won't share and if you chase them they will flee.

Get your nectar, go now,
Baby bee will eat it all and then you and he will have a row.

Mom will get involved and you'll get sent to your room,
But bees don't have rooms so you'll fume,
Stuck for 5 minutes on a leaf in your gloom.

Nectar is sweet and success is divine,
Collect your own nectar so you can say "It's all mine!"

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