Monday, May 5, 2014

Crochet Social Hour

Crochet Social Hour

[Gary's had a long day and he's just arrived at Pete's house for movie night. The gang is all there: Ron, Jess and Pete. Jess is an old friend from college, Pete works with Gary, but in a different department and Ron is Pete's neighbor, but also a cool guy.]

Gary: Hey!
Group: HEY!
Pete: You showed up just in time, we've got pizza, popcorn, peanuts, coffee, pop rocks and James Bond.
Gary: A classic. Must be Ron's pick.
Ron: You know it!

[Jess nudges Gary] Jess: Did you remember to pick up soda? Pop rocks aren't the same without soda.
Gary: No worries Jess, I grabbed a 2 liter bottle.
Pete: Oh man, you need to share.
Ron: What's the fascination with Pop rocks? I don't get it.

Jess: Have you ever downed a whole pixie stick, then drank a soda?
Ron: No.
[Sighing] Jess: Ok, do that first and then come talk to me.
[Pete walks over, soda in hand] Pete: It's an explosion of taste and texture in your mouth. It's nirvana. It's hilariously tickilous and ridiculous and it makes us all feel like kids which is way better than feeling old and tired.

[Ron stares at Pete for s second and then looks at Jess who is vigorously nodding her head.] Ron: Ok, I'll try it.

Group: Wooot!

[Silly-ness is the best remedy.]
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