Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chance Crochet Meeting

Chance Crochet Meeting

Hi Larry! What brings you here?
Oh, hey guys. Huh, not sure why I'm here. I was headed to the store.

Well, you should stay a while! We can play badminton.
Shucks guys, that sounds like SOOO much fun, but I need to go.

Let us help you find the store! We're great at finding things! Yeah, we found you didn't we?
I guess that's true, but I'll be fine. I'm sure you had things to do.

Oh no, we were quite bored.
No really, I'm fine on my own.

Larry, you aren't trying to get rid of us are you?
Oh no! Never. I just need to rush off is all. I'll see you guys later.

We'll be seeing you Larry.

[When chance meetings go horribly horribly wrong, feign expediency and run for the hills!]

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