Tuesday, April 1, 2014

May is Coming for a Crochet Party

May is Coming for a Crochet Party

I know everyone is trying to trick me.

It's April Fools Day, so of course they're going to tell me the sky is falling, pink is blue, orange juice isn't good on cereal and dogs don't like chocolate. (Everyone likes chocolate!)  But then they go and act all serious about it like you're unearthing the worlds biggest secret. I mean, do I look like I don't know stuff??

Just the other day I discovered - All On My Own! - that mom keeps the chocolate chips on the top shelf of the pantry. I totally saw mom use them when I was randomly peeking under the tablecloth in the other room on a chair under the table so no one would see me. So...I learn stuff every day.

Anyways, everyone is trying to convince me that the pool isn't open yet and I wouldn't want to go anyway because I don't mix well with water. Well I know it's bunk because mom and I went last year when it was warm and it's been a year and it's finally warm so I know it'll be open. And old Gus here is going to take me. Aren't you Gus? Yes, good boy.

So you see, don't let people trick you.

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