Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crochet Kitty Up In A Tree

Crochet Kitty Up In A Tree

Crochet Kitty up in a tree.
Woe is me.

I climbed up here for the view.
But now I wish I'd thought of something new.

Something involving hiding in the grass.
Or chasing bugs that happen to slither past. 

Mitch is nice to try to lend a hand.
But he's not strong enough to catch me when I land.

I need a fireman! A strong wonderful fireman.
With yellow jacket and black boots on every woman and man.

A firearm with a ladder could save me from here.
And give me hugs and take away my fear.

But there's no fireman in site.
Just mosquitoes fighting to take a bite.

And this prickly bush has long lost it's glamour
I wish I could run down from here with a clamor.

Maybe if I yow-ell and cry,
Someone will happen by.
And lift from this tower of terror, 
Save me from this thorn bearer.

Oh! What's this?! A red truck in the drive.
Yes yes, it's the firemen coming to see if I'm alive.

They'll save me at last,
I can put this ordeal in the past.

Thank you firemen for being so brave!
With women and men so honorable, you're my fave!

A nice lady name Sandy plucked me from the bushes' clutches.
She hugged me and kissed me and gave me under chin scrutches.

Now I'm home at last with my mommy and friends.
Never again will I climb a bush whose branches are prickly and bends.

I'll stay on the ground or on the house or on the fence.
I'll stay away from trees and save everyone the suspense. 

And when I see a fireman, I'll say THANKYOU!
And rub at their legs. So they won't forget that I like them and everything they do.

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