Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crochet Kitty Attack

Crochet Kitty Attack

In the jungle there are the haves and the takes......

Kitty is a taker.

Kitty creeps slowly through the brush, checking on each step the earth and debris below his feet. A formidable foe is sitting quietly in the clearing. Unaware that kitty is slowly making his way through the underbrush.

The bee - the scariest of all small insects a kitty may encounter in the brush. The bee measures 2 inches long and has a razor sharp butt, perfect for stinging any potential attacker. Kitty must creep quickly and quickly to reach and overtake the bee as the bee does not sit for long.

The time has come. Kitty has reached the clearing and in a few short seconds, will be spotted by the resting bee.

He pounces.

And is successful!!!! The kitty licks his prize before releasing him into the wild.

The bee: No fare Henry! I was in time out!
Kitty: There's no time out in the game of life.
The bee: That's it! I'm not playing any more. MOM!!
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