Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crochet Elephant

What I always say is - SMILE. It instantly makes you happy. I know I don't look like I'm smiling because crochet elephants have pretty much one look, but I am smiling. Look:

not smiling


See! So now you know how to tell when I'm smiling.

Smiling brings the sun out when it's a gray cloudy day. It's true! Every gray day that I've gone out in, I've smiled up at the sky and by dinner time the sky has cleared at least once to let the sun in.

Now you might say, Earl (my name is Earl). Earl, I don't know how to smile.
Well it's pretty easy. You know what you do when you're angry or sad? Just reverse it! I know - so easy!
And for you guys that are never sad or mad either, to smile, lift up the sides of your mouth and maybe show a little teeth.

Just practice, it takes a few tries before you really get it right. 
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