Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crochet Calamity

Crochet Calamity

I distinctly remember asking you to bring the cake.
No you didn't.

I even emailed you yesterday to remind you.
I have email?

And then I had mom tell you this morning when you got up to make sure to got to the store for the cake.
I'm not awake until after breakfast, you know that.

I also left a post it in your car reminding you to bring home a cake.
Oh, sorry. Thought that said bring home coke.
Did you bring home coke?
No, couldn't find it.

And finally, I called you while you were at the store and asked you to buy a cake, you even confirmed that you had put one in the cart.
Oh, that cake was for Jenny. She's sick and I thought it'd be a nice gesture. Not sure why I thought of it, but she was really surprised and happy.

Why are you getting all angry man? It's not like I ruined the party. Mom just ran out and got a cake.

Argg! It's her birthday dingbat!
Oh see, so now she'll get the flavor she wanted. Calamity resolved.

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