Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crochet Basketball

Crochet Basketball

Oh man, did you see the game last night?
Yeah, UConn rocked it.

Aren't you a Dayton fan?
Yeah and they did really really great. So I can be happy for both teams.

That's very level headed of you.
Don't get used to it. It's all the candy I've been eating to prep for Easter, it makes me more cheerful.

Huh, I guess I know what to serve on May 8.
I would recommend it.

[PSST! Non-sports viewers, May 8 2014 is when the NFL (football) will host the draft. This is where they select new players from a group of eligible players who are coming out of high school (rare) and college teams. 
Also, candy = happiness, sheesh]
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