Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Crochet St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy Crochet St. Patrick's Day!!

When you see the green men (and girls!!) coming,
You should probably start a'runnin',
'Cause the green men bring joy,
And silly-ness, fun and maybe a toy.

You know the kids will be mad,
But you'll kind of be glad,
Because for once it's a holiday for you,
Instead of your minnie-mes one and two!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

[The crochet amigurumi bunnies and I will be spending the day shoveling ourselves out of what hopefully will be the last snow of the year! Comment below to tell us all about your fun St. Patty's Day plans. 

And a special shout out to my mom and dad who were married on this day over 40 years ago - Happy Anniversary!!]
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