Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Deep Crochet Thoughts

Deep Crochet Thoughts

Dan, why are we here?
Hi Gerry! When did you get here?

I've been here all day. We walked up here together.
Oh yeah. Sorry, I've been kind of out of it. What did you ask me?

Why are we here.
Oh, well, I really wanted to see another dragon and I know they like rocks.

No no, I mean why do we exist?
Well...I exist because the meteor missed me when it hit the earth. The crochet dinosaurs got wiped out, but me and the other amigurumi crochet dragons were in the caves having our annual holiday party and gift exchange so we were protected from the blast.

That wasn't quite - wait, you have an annual party? With dragons? If you see dragons once a year then you could just call a dragon or wait till the party to see them......Dan,why are we here?
Dan! Why are we here!?
I guess I don't know. It'll be one of those questions we'll wonder about forever. Come one Gerry, let's go home.

[Those crazy guys. If you're interested in having your own Dan the Dragon, check out my etsy shop for the pattern or click here. Thanks!!]

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