Thursday, March 6, 2014

Amigurumi Pony Goes to College

Amigurumi Pony Goes to College

Son, I am so proud of you for getting into RaceTech University. I know you are going to do great. Just remember to keep your head low, stretch out your legs, and stay away from enhancing drugs. 

Don't worry dad. I've got it all under control. I've got my books, my bag, directions to the school. I'll be fine. 

Where's your suitcase? I'll help you pack it into the car.

What do you mean? I'm staying here, I'm just driving to the University each day. 

No son, I took the liberty of registering you for student housing. Your going away to college and your mom and I are turning your room into a sewing studio. 

But....I.....sewing studio?

Come on, I'll help you pack.
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