Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Trail Paved in Crochet

A Trail Paved in Crochet

I don't think this is the way Sam.
Of course it's the way. It's One Way, by definition, this is the way.

There was that turn that we passed. We should go back and go that way.
The instructions say 'go straight.' So no, we're not walking an hour backward to 'turn left.' Just trust me Bud. This is the way.

I'd trust you more if you didn't get lost 4 of the last 5 times we went out hiking.
Those were flukes and you know it. This is the way.

A fluke is when you do something a hundred times and always get the same result and then something unexpected happens the 101th time and you get a different result. I would say you NOT getting lost would be a fluke. (snicker)
Bud, I.....well....I never!

Never say never Sam, you didn't get us lost that one time.

Pony Trail

Two ponies go in,
One comes out.
Did one get lost?

Or, did one have doubt,
And find his own way out?
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