Monday, March 3, 2014

A Crochet Review of the Oscars

A Crochet Review of the Oscars

Samuel: I liked the green dresses and the glittery ones, but I don't know about black. Seems very 'funeral' to me.
Bud: Charlize Theron was a vision, black is beautiful. 

Samuel: And what was up with all the white tuxes!? I just don't understand fashion.
Bud: Obviously.

Samuel: Says the guy who wears Uggs all the time.
Bud: Have you tried them? It's like stepping on pillows all day. 
Samuel: Well they look ridiculous. 
Bud: Don't judge man, you're better than that. 

Samuel: The pizza thing was cool. Wish someone would surprise us with pizza.
Bud: We can only hope man, we can only hope. I don't think that guy above us staring out the window will, but maybe those turtles in front of us will. 
Samuel: I'm going to go chase that guy down, he looked like he had a candy bar. I'm starving. 

[I hope everyone had a lovely Oscars2014!!]

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