Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crochet Pony Meets His Match

Crochet Pony Meets His Match

Run faster Bud, we need to get to the store by midnight.
Stop poking me with your tentacles! I will run as fast as I run and if we get there too late, you can make your girlfriend a card by hand.

You've been really testy since you escaped the pricklies. What gives?
Nothin' just stop poking me.

I know I've got a girlfriend and shorty turtle finally convinced Linda to date him and now Samuel has found someone, but it's no reason to be all cranky.
Ron, you are pulling my hair, poking me in the armpit, and you woke me up at 4am in the morning to give you a ride to a store 2 states away just to buy a gift for someone you just met. Does she call you her boyfriend? I doubt it.

Like I said, prickly.
Just 'cause you keep saying' it doesn't make it so. Just cause you keep calling her your girlfriend doesn't mean she is your girlfriend.

We've been on like 3 dates! She's my girlfriend.
You ran into her 3 times at Starbucks and she let you sit at the table she'd already set her laptop at. It's not a shining example of coupledom.

Is this because I didn't bring you a coffee this morning when I woke you up.
Yes. And I expect a gift on Valentine's day.

[Remember when hanging out with your significant other next week, not to neglect your besties, they love you too. And are usually the ones willing to bring you to bizarre places at weird hours just because you asked. <3]

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