Monday, February 3, 2014

Crochet Football Sadness

It was 17 weeks of non-stop Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night football with friends and lots of junk food and all I got was this helmet. I mean, the games were great too, but I couldn't win one fantasy league? One playoff challenge? I was in 4 leagues, I watched post game wrap up, I checked the waiver wires. This should have been my year.

I crocheted this completely awesome, good luck helmet, made sure to jump around in a circle every night in my pajamas, and wore my jersey on game day every weekend.

Next year I'm going back to the old way: Picking by age, fantasy points and top number of results in a Google query.

Only three months till the draft, I should probably crochet some  helmets for the rest of the guys.
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