Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crochet Flight

Crochet Flight

She's ethereal! What is she wearing? How can we get her hair? I hear she's dating someone super famous. Those shoes! 

Mark, this is a stunning example of fame today. Fresh, original, flawless, May is the ideal new 'it'girl.
Don't I know it and sweet too!! I hear she gives money to her friends, just for being there for her. 
Wow, Mark, she's the whole package. Do you think she'd date me?
Well, rumor is that she's dating this super famous celebrity, but can't tell anyone!
That's crazy! She should tell everyone. Those things can't be kept secret.
Is she working on any projects right now?
She is working on a short piece about vanity entitled "I think I can fly." She wrote, directed and is acting in it.
If it's a May original, than I'm sure it'll be entertaining, if not great. 
I'm sure she'll look beautiful. 
Do you think she'll let her friends participate in the film?
Oh, I'm sure we'll get bit parts as commentators and such.
You're probably right.

CUT! You guys are going off script! I don't allow that in my movies!. Help me down!

[The Oscars are on Sunday, have you got your drinks, food, and gown ready??]

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