Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crochet Election Campaigns are a Spectator Sport

Crochet Election Campaigns are a Spectator Sport

Yesterday, Philameena was elected as President of the United Federation of Crochet Animals. The election campaign had run only for a single day, which resulted in very low campaign financing, but it had been enough to cover the cost of the stage, podium and cookies and punch. 

The other candidate for President, Phil, had meant to provide pie, but his fundraising had hit a snag when he discovered he couldn't ask his mom and dad for money. 

Bud and Samuel, the purple and red ponies, watched the speeches from the stands- needing to listen over the constant chattering of the pink puffs - and have provided their summaries below:

Samuel: I thought both Phil and Philameena covered the topics that everyone cared about - the need for affordable fluff, cleaning services, and repairs. Phil said he thought we should all work harder to pay for the fluff and cleaning services we needed. I already work all day for a little girl and really can't afford to work any more than I do. Philameena thought those that have it easy - the ones that sit around all day on display or are allowed to roam free, should help the others out. 

Bud: Yeah, that idea totally stunk for me. I worked hard to get the cushy job I have and I don't think I should be asked to spend my well earned free time helping stinky here get a bath. So his boss has sticky fingers, try looking pretty on a shelf all day. 

Samuel: I'm glad you said that Bud, because you've been invited over for a play date. 

Bud: That's taxation!! I wont' have it. I donated to the campaign,I deserve protection from play dates.

There you have it folks. No one likes sticky fingers so please, wash your hands.

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