Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crochet Confusion

Crochet Confusion

Gil: Hey there little lady. That's a fine looking son you have. Very polite. You must be one great mom. My name is Gil, I'm a companion and decorative conversation starter for a nice old lady down the street. You may have heard of her, Mrs. Kay? No? Well, she's very nice, I think you'd like her. 

Gil: Say, did I see you down at Biggy's house last week? He was having a party to celebrate his birthday and I swear I saw you there.  Biggy needed a lot of help handing out snacks and such and  I didn't get a chance to say hello so I'm very happy that now I have the chance.....well hello.

Gil: Have you ever been to Spencer's Cafe? It's a few block away, it's run by a friend of mine. They have the tables in the back with comfy swivel chairs. I think your little one would like it and we could get to know each other, what do you say?

Gil: Playing a little hard to get eh? That's fine, I wouldn't want to rush you. How about I come by tomorrow and we can talk again?

Gil: ooh, I think I saw the beginnings of a smile there! I'll take that as a yes.....see you tomorrow Ms. Wonderful.
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