Friday, February 21, 2014

Crochet Acrobats

Crochet Acrobats

Penelope: Hold it.....hold it.......
Rose: I've been holding it! What's taking so long? You're crushing my brain.

Penelope: Those Olymipic athletes practice 8 hours a day, I think you can hold for at least 10 minutes don't you?
Rose: It's been almost an hour Penelope.

---a few minutes later--- 

Penelope: Hold it.....hold it.......
Rose: I'm going to lose it. Seriously, I'm going to topple you to the ground and sit on you. Balancing isn't even an Olympic sport!

Penelope: Well of course it isn't. 

---awkward silence---

Rose: Penelope, what are we doing this for?
Penelope: Guiness Book of World Records!

Rose: Right. I'm out. Good luck with that.

---storms off---

Penelope: Sheesh. She obviously wasn't Olympic.......the octopii will help me. They have better balance anyways.

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