Monday, February 10, 2014

Amigurumi Stuck in the Middle

Amigurumi Stuck in the Middle

Simon had been there for what seemed like hours. The fight had been fought and while his comrades celebrated the win, he remained stuck and abandoned.

Many thoughts crossed his mind during this time, thoughts of revenge, sadness and doubt, but none other was as strong as his overwhelming desire for pancakes. It was almost unbearable. The warm fluffy pancakes, drenched in sweet sugary syrup. He imagined himself at the breakfast diner, at his favorite table, with his best mate eating pancakes, drinking coffee.

In his more fanciful moments he imagined the pancakes came with a bowl of berries and whipped cream. Sweet strawberries and blueberries. And perhaps a raspberry.

When Simon awoke in the morning, he was very saddened to find himself in the same position, stuck in the middle, but very much like a pad a butter on a pancake, he seemed to be slowly melting! With a great deal of joy Simon realized that in a few moments he would slip through the bottom of this hole and no matter the bumps and bruises, he would be free!

A few moments later, Simon did infarct fall and it was the best feeling int he world, until of course he hit the bottom, but even that sharp slap to the back of the head could dampen his excitement. He ran right out and to his favorite restaurant, was seated at his favorite table and when the waitstaff arrived at his table he know just what he wanted.

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