Monday, February 17, 2014

Amigurumi President's Day

President's Day - A Crochet Day in History

On a bright sunny day in the coldest month of the year two owls joined together to speak to the people. No cared that one was purple and the other a slightly lighter color of purple. no cared that each's ears were a bit pointy or their eyes too big. No one cared that not a single other purple owl showed up that day to see them speak (al beit several brown owls were in attendance).

Today was a day in history for all crochet kind. Today they were choosing their President of the United Federation of Crochet Animals - known and imagined. 

While the bunnies had campaigned strongly for the Easter bunny, he declined to accept their nomination due to time constraints. The ponies had asked the Atlantic Land-Octopus to take part, but he did not really care about politics nor the heavy travel required. In fact, not many were interested in becoming president or even cared about who would be in charge. A start contrast to the very heated and almost violent elections held by the ant tribe and amigurumitetoony town. 

As it was, only Phil and Philameena were willing to run and they stood on a platform of cardboard and good intentions. Both of which was well received by the pink puffs and bees. The baby chicks were indifferent and only showed up to watch them speak because there would be punch and cookies following. 

Phil and Philameena spoke about equal access to fluff for those in need, hugs for those left out to for display and rarely played with, and cleaning services for the many who were subject to frequent handling by little children. 

All the amigurumi crochet animals listened and considered and at the end of the speeches presented Phil and Philameena with the ceremonial straws for selection of their next President. Philameena pulled the short straw and then began the Presidency of the first female purple amigurumi crochet owl. 

The election ended with bookies and punch and the baby chicks celebrated into the late hours of the night. 

[Happy President's Day!!]
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