Friday, February 28, 2014

Amigurumi Owls Stick Together

Amigurumi Owls Stick Together

It may seem hard to believe, but all of these lovely owlets are mine! 

Raising nine babies is hard work, let me tell you. Not a one of them can fly yet, but I don't mind. I just nudge them along with my beak and there they go, shuffling off. This one here is Kai, he's my artist. He loves loves loves to paint with spaghetti and owl pellets. Totally weird, I know, but his pictures are quite beautiful. 

Let's see... oh, this is Mai, she's my do-it-yourselfer. I find her allover the nest trying to redesign - it's really the cuttest thing. You just wait, in another ten years she'll be designing storm proof nests and baby buffers to keep the owlets from falling out of the nest. 

I'm just so proud of all my babies. Chai, Fai, Rai, DoDai, LaiLai, BaFai, and Cam. 

From all of us to all of you wonderful people out there, HeyHey! 

[Word of the day: Owlet = baby owl. What!?? And guess what you call a group of owls......A Parliament! I know, you can't make this stuff up. Sometimes I wish a group of owls made all the rules, but then it'd be all about protecting our natural resources and creating more national parks. Remember the spotted owl, such a trouble maker. (I kid, I kid). Happy Friday everyone!]
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