Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Amigurumi Hibernating til Summer

Amigurumi Hibernating til Summer

Kay: Don't move a muscle. Don't twitch. Cici! stop wiggling, we're all going to fall. Bean, where's that cover you promised us? We're out in the open here, they'll see us!

Bean: We're fine. They never look up here. 
Cici: Are you sure? That lady has walked in here a couple times and I swear she looked up here.

Bean: Have you looked in these baskets? This one has baking supplies. The sugar is so old it's brick-like. Trust me, no one is looking up here. 

Kay: Everyone stop wiggling! We're going to fall and then they'll see us for sure. This is ridiculous, we can't stay like this for another month!! And there's no flowers in here, no beehive, no nectar! We'll starve.

Bean: You're freaking out Kay. We're amigurumi remember? We don't eat. We don't sleep. 
Cici: Can you guys get off me yet? My brain has a dent in it.

Kay,Cici: Why are we up here!!!

Bean: Honestly? I just wanted a better view. 

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