Monday, February 24, 2014

Amigurumi Down Hill Obstacle Course

Amigurumi Down Hill Obstacle Course

Henry's getting a good start this morning. He's been practicing for weeks and its certainly showing. Notice the splayed legs, straight back and concentrated look. He's ready for any obstacle.

It's a great day in sports today I tell ya. Henry's really pushing himself and it's paying off. We might see a medal return to the crochet town this evening and I'm sure the celebration will be fantastic.

For our viewers at home, Henry needs to avoid all obstacles, even those thrown from the sides, and make it down the hill safely and faster than all the other amigurumi kitties competing today. Earlier with saw Jessica wipe out from a snowball to the face. A well aimed shot from the knitters. Michaela completed a clean run, but a full 5 seconds slower than expected.

This is Henry's second run and he just needs to hang on to cinch the title of fastest most agile kitty.

He's won it!!

All those weeks of practicing have paid off. It's a glorious day in crochet town today as Henry the Cat takes first place in the Amigurumi Down Hill obstacle course.

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