Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Do Crochet Turtles Do All Day?

What do I do all day? I eat a lot of lettuce. And watermelon. But sometimes there isn't water melon so I eat an orange or blueberries. I don't really know why there isn't watermelon every day, but I'm sure it because of the rabbits. They like watermelon too.

I also walk around the yard through the grass. The grass feels really nice under my toes and I keep a look out for dangerous animals like bunnies and I go tell dad. I've seen birds hanging around too, but they don't try to eat my lettuce or my watermelon.

The rest of the day I spend up on my rock in the sun. It's very warm and I can keep an eye on my grassy spot and on my food so the rabbits can't sneak up and steal it. I get really warm on the rock, which is really really nice. And then dad comes and gets me.

It's pretty sweet. (other than the rabbits and bunnies).

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