Thursday, January 30, 2014

Puppy vs Turtle A Story of Amigurumi Rivalry

When a crochet puppy and amigurumi turtle find themselves at a crossroads...

Mike: I can hide inside my shell.
Sir Reginald: You're cold blooded, you are always cold.

Sir Reginald: I am cuddly.
Mike: I can cuddle. I choose note to. You can't help yourself.

Mike: I have a pretty very pretty singing voice.
Sir Reginald: Let's be real here. We both sound like groaning sea lions when we sing.

Sir Reginald: I can play fetch.
Mike: I fetch! It just takes me a really really long time.

Sir Reginald: Listen! I'm sure you have very nice characteristics and that is why mom likes you. But the fact remains, I get to sleep on the bed because I'm soft and cuddly, can climb on and off by myself and and don't mistake the green sheets for lettuce and try to eat them.

Mike [shaking head]: You eat one set of sheets and you're banned for life.

[My amigurumi crochet turtle pattern will soon be posted on my Etsy store, check back soon...]
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