Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crochet Wishes and Amigurumi Dreams

One day when I am old I’m going to look back on these times I spent sitting around getting a sun tan as the best times of my life. I know people always say time with family, friends, vacation … what have you.

But really, I just like sitting here on this bench, with no one else around and getting some sun. And not just any sun, warm rays from a setting sun in the middle of summer. Which sounds weird for an Octopus, but I’m a land octopus which means that I love being dried out and wrinkly and the more tan I get, the more purple my skin is and you know what they say…..purple is beautiful.

So, while you’re all sitting around shivering with your friends and family, remember, summer and solitude are only a few short months away.
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