Monday, January 27, 2014

Attacking the Crochet Amigurumi

Bud: This is it Sam. They've found us.
Sam: Maybe they won't be able to climb the wall.

Bud: They're climbing on top of each other. This really is it. I wish we could get the lid shut, but our heads are so enormously large!
Sam: If this is going to be it I need to tell you something. Last week when mom found fluff in the kitchen and everyone thought it was you....well, it was me. I was trying to grab by tail and pulled fluff instead.

Bud: If we get out of this you are telling mom! She still won't let me back in the kitchen!
Sam: To be fair, you always make a big mess.

Bud: I only spilled the milk once, it hardly makes me messy. You on the other hand are constantly leaving food sitting around, leaving your bed a mess, knocking over stuff. I should have KNOWN the fluff was from you. It's just soo....YOU!

Sam: I'm still glad I told you.
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