Friday, January 31, 2014

Amirugumi Owl Family Fun

On a cold winter's day, four owls set out to play,
but mom has other plans, filled with homework and sorting cans.

Mom, oh mom, please let us play,
We can sort cans another day.
We want to run, we want to jump, we want to lay watching TV like a lump.

Homework is boring, tedious and lame;
Can't we just play a board game?
How about Hop Hop, or Skinny Tree or Shoots? How about Kammee or Choochoo or Beeboots?

Stuck in the house with homework to do,
Mom won't let us play until we write in our books that "A Cow Goes Moo!"
It's sad to say,  but I hope tomorrow isn't a snow day.

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