Monday, December 2, 2013

Crochet Humor Let it Snow

Ben: If it's going to be freezing can it at least snow?
Kaz: I don't think it snows this far south.

Ben: If it can snow in Texas it should be able to snow here.
Kaz: What are you going to do if it snows anyway? Snow is cold and wet and melts and then everything is cold and wet and you have to shovel it out of the way just to walk through all the cold and wetness.

Ben: I was going to make snow bunnies and a snow fortress and snow projectiles and challenge you to snolf.
Kaz: That does sound pretty fun. Snow dance?

Snow Dance: The ancient art of dancing under the moon in a ridiculous outfit in the hopes of tempting the sky to drop copious amounts of snow in your general area. My non-scientific studies show that it is about 30% effective, becoming more effective the more ridiculous you act. 
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