Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crochet Humorous Christmas Tree Debacle

Fred: Wow, is this Mom's Christmas tree? It's pretty sad looking.
Chris: Yeah, it's like that guy's tree. You know, the one with the shirt.

Fred: Whoever's tree it looks like, it looks terrible.
Chris: Mom says it's the 'family tree' because this'll be its 3rd Christmas.

Fred: It's 3 years old? Wow, mom really has a black thumb.
Chris: Ha!

Fred: Think we can get mom to get something.....fluffier?
Chris: I think she's pretty committed to plopping some jazz hands on this one and calling it festive.

Fred: We'll need to take this one in hand this year then.
Chris: How will we do that?

Fred: Jazz music, fertilizer and'll need to take a nap in there.
Chris: You first.

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