Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crochet Holiday Parade

May: Mick! Get up here, we're going to miss the parade.
Mick: We can't see the parade from there. It's all the way in town.

May: I'LL be able to see it if I stand on your shoulders. Come on, grab my hand.
Mick: Oh I see, I'm to be your henchman, your stuffed bear furniture, your stool!

Mick: I'm out.

May: Mick! Come on! It's not so bad, you'll get to hang out in the sun and you'll be doing you best-est friend a favor.
Mick: You barely like me. I'd hardly call us friends.

May: But you'll be in the sun. It must be cold down there. Plus there's a cookie up here.
Mick: There's no cookie, you would have mentioned it first if there was and even if there was, you would have eaten it, not offered it to me.

May: Hmf, you got me there. .... Just get up here, I'll pretend to be your friend for the day.
Mick: Fine, but you're helping me sneak cookies out of the cupboard.
May: Deal.

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