Friday, November 22, 2013

Amigurumi Humor Two Little Owls

Two little owls sitting in a tree,
One is older and one is three.

The older one, Jake, didn't want to share,
He was sitting there first and sharing wasn't fair.

John whined and cried and kicked his feet,
Jake called him a baby and accused him of deceit.

A fight broke out when John jumped Jake,
Their mother tried to intercede, but it was too late.

Both brothers tumbled from the tree and landed in the lawn,
Their mother banned them from the tree and called them evil spawn.

Jake and John laughed and laughed at how silly they had been,
Sharing wasn't so bad when your sharing with a friend.

The next morning they climbed back up the tree and said sorry to their mother,
They're up there now, sharing the spot and acting like good brothers.

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