Friday, November 15, 2013

The Difference Between Amigurumi Crochet Turtles

Shorty: I like Muriel, I do.
Mike: So what's the problem.
Biggy: She's perfect for you. Didn't the date go well?

Shorty: It was good. She's fun. But we don't really fit long turn.
Gil: Is it the size thing? She is a shell or two taller than you.

Shorty: No! I like that she's bigger, I like her personality, I like everything. But long term, it's just not going to work out.
Mike: Just say it. We're going to bug you till you spit it out.

Shorty: It's embarrassing, I don't want to say.
Gil: Just spit it out!

Shorty: I took her to my place and....she couldn't fit in the door!

Biggy, Mike,Gil:..................Ahahahahahah!
Biggy: Tough luck! None of us can get in there either. You need to build a bigger door and then she's yours!

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