Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Amigurumi Doll and Bear

Mick: Sometimes May, you can be a really not-so-nice person.
May: That's silly, I'm nice all the time. Why just yesterday I was walking to school and a dollar fell out of this man's pocket when he pulled out his cell phone. I ran up and it wasn't a dollar, it was $10!

Mick: And you gave it back to him?
May: Of course not. How is he going to learn not to put spare bills in his pocket with this phone. That is what wallets are for. No, I took Lilly out for ice cream. It was her birthday and I even let her pick the ice cream flavor. So you see, I am very nice. Even to Lilly who isn't very likable and kind of smells.

Mick: You don't normally let her pick?
May: [rolls eyes] Mick,she likes pistachio. That's not even a real flavor.

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