Friday, November 1, 2013

Crochet Halloween Can Be A Bummer.

This is so great. So awesome. It's really happening. I thought mom would hold me back till next year, but here I am with Crazy Pumpkin and Jack. I wonder how many kids we'll get. Ohhhh, do you think they'll be impressed by me? I hope so. I hope they're all like "OMG I wish I had one of those!" and "Where did he get his hat??!"

I should have brought my camera. Maybe someone will have one and can tweet it to me or text it or whatever, as long as I get a picture. And I'll be all like ROAR! When they come by so I look as scary and creepy. So awesome.

Boo: Dude?
BenPumpkin: Oh hey Boo! Did you come to check me out? Jealous right?

Boo: Ben Halloween was yesterday.
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