Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gerry the Crochet Giraffe Learns a Valuable Lesson

Gerry: ooooooh, flowers. Yummy flowers. This is GREAT! We should have come here long ago.
Gus: I don't eat flowers.

Gerry: Just try them, they are so delicious. I can't get enough. I might just eat every one! Try them Gus! You'll just love it.
Gus: Flowers give me gas.

Gerry: They do not! Flowers are great. They're so delicate and colorful and bees use them to make honey. What's not to like about flowers? You're just being silly. If you tried one you'd like it.
Gus: I'm sure I wouldn't.

Gerry: Well, I'm not letting you ruin my good time. These are the best flowers I've ever had. I want to come here every weekend and....and.....
Gus: Cat got you tongue?

Gerry: No I just....well, that's odd.
Gus: Stomach hurt?

Gerry: A little.
Gus: Told ye'.

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