Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crochet Humor Cat Scheduling

Duke: Hey Henry, how's it been?
Henry: Good! You know, climbing trees, chasing stuff.

Duke: What sort of stuff do you chase?
Henry: Let's see....on Monday I'm going to chase a mouse, Tuesday another cat, that's Sam, he's a friend of mind. Wednesday a mouse again. Thursday is dedicated entirely to moths. And Friday is for the birds.

Duke: Do all these people know that you're planning on chasing them?
Henry: Of course! It'd be kind of rude just to spring on them. I'm sure they have schedules of their own.

Duke: So you don't eat them?
Henry: Of course not! I mean what happens happens, but I have no intention of eating them.

Duke: I'd say that's dreadful, but you are a cat.
Henry: Mmmm, that's the rub isn't it?
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