Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Amigurumi Dragon Does the Hat Make the Dragon?

Dan: Look! I'm a pilgrim. Spot on right? I bet I could fool everyone, we should walk around you could be all like "meet my friend Thomas, he's a pilgrim."

Bean: I don't think that's going to work.

Dan: Why not? It'll be so cool. People will be all confused and will offer me stuffing and pumpkin pie. Think of how much pie we'd get to eat.

Bean: I don't think people are just walking around with pie.

Dan: Of course they will! It's almost Thanksgiving. People are baking. People are traveling. It's all very exciting. They'll have stuffing and pumpkin pie. Trust me.

Bean: I don't want to dampen your spirits but there weren't any dragons when pilgrims were around and even with the hat you still look like a dragon.

Dan: But I feel like a pilgrim! I feel like playing with wooden toys and telling long complicated stories. Not like I can do either of those things, but I really feel like I could do it. Try on the hat, you'll see.

Bean: I do feel pretty Pilgrim-ee. Do you think we could find a wooden circle and a stick?

Dan: Dude, you look like a young Abraham Lincoln.

Bean: Sweet.

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