Friday, November 8, 2013

Crochet Atlantic Land-Octopus

The impressive Atlantic Land-Octopus sits atop a stone bench enjoying a cool fall day in northern Massachusetts. 

Atlantic Land-Octopii have become quite prevalent in recent years and make sport of chasing other animals and juggling them. In the past few years reports have come in related to dogs, cats and even farm animals being seized and juggled. A day hiker traveling along the US/Canadian border reported seeing a Land-Octopus juggle two sheep and a cat for more than 20 minutes.

In their normal state the Atlantic Land-Octopus is quite docile. Sitting without moving for hours at a time. It is speculated by researchers that they are actually sleeping with their eyes open as a way to ward off potential attacks. When provoked they become agitated and will poke their attackers in the eye with their long tentacles. 

Hold on....I'm getting a report that a band of lesser Land-Octopii have gathered just behind the bench and are planning some sort of attack.

Yes! There they go. This is remarkable, a collection of smaller Land-Octopii have attacked this larger purple one. 

They appear to be trying to knock the larger Land-Octopus over or perhaps climb to the top. The reports coming in are mixed and we do not currently know the reasoning for the attack.

Oh! The purple Land-Octopus is now awake and is poking each smaller Land-Octopus in the eye. They struggle to maintain ground against the larger opponent, but they've lost the advantage. There goes one! Swiftly dropped to the ground below. It appears to be licking its wounds and scuttling off.

The other two are backing away now. One appears to be placating the larger Land-Octopus by bowing and ...oh my, one of the smaller Land-Octopii on the bench has now pushed the other off. No worries viewers, the falling Land-Octopus appears to have landed in a puddle of mud and other than being incredibly dirty, appears to be fine.

The remaining small Land-Octopus has now made a truce with the larger purple Land-Octopus and has rushed off to retrieve ice cream, brownies and whipped cream for the large creature - the traditional Land-Octopus peace offering.

This was a great day for science my fellow viewers. I doubt we'll see something quite as impressive for some time.

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