Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crochet Humor Pumpkin Caper

Ghostie 1: Try pulling on the top.
Ghostie 2: It's not budging.

Ghostie 3: Maybe there's a lever or something. Do you see anything that looks like a button?
Ghostie 2: No, I just see orange.

Ghostie 1: There's got to be a handle or button or something. Try kicking it!
Ghostie 2: Do you want to come up here and try? Because I'm getting really tired of you yelling at me.

Gary: What are you guys doing?
Ghostie 2: Umm, nothing.
Ghostie 1: Just hanging out.

Gary: I don't believe you.
Ghostie 2: Ok fine, how do you get the pie out?

<shakes head>
Gary: You guys are messed up.

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