Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crochet Orange Kitty Gets a Day Out

Out in the wilderness a feral cat searches for food. He's been on the hunt for several minutes and exhaustion is starting to set in. Thinking back, perhaps he shouldn't have peed on his mom's favorite rug or brought her that "gift," but he could have sworn she liked birds. Alas, he's on his own now, at least for the next hour until she gets back from the gym. What to do, what to do.

A tree! There will be squirrels up there and more birds! What fun. It does look awfully large though and the bark is rough and there are ants on it. It kind of smells like dirt too, and I just bathed. That doesn't seem like a smell I'd like on my tongue.

It would be pretty dramatic to get stuck up there though. Mom would be all worried and have to call the tall yellow guys to come save me and I can cry and cry like I'm terrified. They usually have that scrumptious pink food that mom never lets me have because she says it makes me smell like decaying fish. So delicious.

Maybe I should try the tree in the corner though. The branches are pretty low, I could probably pull off being stuck on the bottom branch. It had a pretty angry squirrel in it last week though. Kept throwing stuff at me - so rude!


Bud: How'd it go?

Finn: We need to get better trees in the yard. I told mom, but she told me to get my butt out of her face. 
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