Friday, October 25, 2013

An Amigurumi Crochet Dragon's Indecisiveness

I did my homework? I think I did, but I can't be sure. I definitely handed it in, but I can't remember if i did it.
Room? No, that's clean.
Maybe I forgot to brush my teeth...(breathes into hand)
Ack! Ok, don't breath fire on one's hand. Got it.

This is going to bug me forever.

If I could find my Android I could check my schedule, I'm sure I'm forgetting an appointment. I mean...I'm up here for a reason right?
Where is my Android? Maybe I left it at school, that so sounds like me.
Oh, or it's in the car. I left it in there that time I was using the hands free and left my phone on the dash. But that was like 2 weeks ago.
Backpack? No, I handed in my homework so I would have seen it. Gosh I wish I could remember if I did my homework.

I'm never going to figure this out. Why am I up here anyway?
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