Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Crochet Bee, Chick, and Octopus

Bee: That party last night was crazy. 

Blue: Yeah.  

Bird: Someone made a mess of the dishware, so rude.

Blue: WE made a mess of the dishware, that pyramid idea wasn't the best.

Bird: It would have worked if you'd used all of your arms to hold us up.

Blue: Seriously? Only six of my tentacles are arms! How do you not know that, we've lived together for like YEARS!

Bee: What are the other two for?

Blue: Legs.

-----Bird and Bee take a moment to look at each other speculatively-----

Bird: And why couldn't you use your 'legs' to hold us up. You were flat on the ground, you could have reached up.

Blue: You know what, this is crazy. My pod can pyramid just fine and we don't use our legs to do it. You guys are just jealous because you don't have arms or legs and you expect me to do all the work.

Bird: My cousins have feet.

Blue: Great, invite them over to take your place in the pyramid and stop bugging me.

Bee: Dude, you can be so testy sometimes.

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