Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thanksgiving is just as important as Christmas

Happy Winter!

I was going to lead off with a picture of my Santa hat, but then it occured to me that I might be akin to the grocery store, completly skipping thanksgiving in favor of the big guy in red. Well, that would be wrong of me. So the next few weeks will be dedicated to THANKSGIVING! 

I understand that some of you do not celebrate thanksgiving so to you I apologize. But, any event where family gathers to eat together and be together is something we can all support. 

I think the above hat is ADORABLE! but it's not super Thanksgiving-y is it? Well what about this one?

I love the colors in this one. It looks like the sky if you were looking at it through a tree. And the ear flaps will keep your ears warm. Obviously the ears on top are decorative, but if you were in the woods you might be able to fool some dazed and confused animal that you are actually a rare form of jackolope. ...... it could happen!

BUT if neither of the above colors works for you I do have a third alternative:

Hunters will like this as it's camouflaging and functional. Ok, maybe not really manly hunters, but it is the holidays, we need to embrace our inner silly person don't we? 

Just in case your curious, I got all three of these at Michael's, which annoys me because they don't do online sales, but they do have nice yarn. Maybe we can started a letter writing campaign to get them to modernize. No? That seems like a lot of work? Ok, ok, well if you have one close buy, go on their website and print out their 40% coupon and get yourself a skein. It really is soft yarn and very pretty. 
I'm thinking reindeer, turkeys and football related themes this month. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, but also, can't wait to show you what I come up with!

Happy Crocheting and don't forget to enjoy the falling leaves (before you're forced to rake them all up).

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